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#2525: Udev-148
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Comment(by bryan@…):

 Note that this includes a couple of relevant changes...

 First, the mode on the create_floppy_devices program call is now correct
 (it matches the MODE="..." set on the main /dev/fd0 device).

 But second, all the rules that manage /dev/hd* (required if you use
 CONFIG_IDE* in your kernel configuration, or at least I think that's the
 right setting) have been yanked.  See
 http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ide/43151 for the rationale, and note
 that apparently "deprecated" means "we don't have to do *ANYTHING*
 correctly here anymore", not "this will disappear in a few kernel
 releases, once we get the users that *require* it moved".  The latter is
 what was actually said; the former is what the udev maintainers did.

 Anyway, we can add those rules back into a compat file if we decide we
 need to.  I know libata works quite well for me, but that doesn't count
 for much if you're one of the people that has one of the 2 unsupported-by-
 libata disk controllers...

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