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#2525: Udev-148
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Comment(by matthew@…):

 Thanks Bryan. I grepped through our rules files for the other changes
 mentioned in the announcement but missed the ignore_device one!

 I don't think we should do anything immediately for the /dev/hd* issue.
 The chances are that our userbase is so small that noone has either of the
 2 controllers that currently aren't supported by libata. Obviously, if
 someone reports a bug, so be it, we'll fix it then.

 We're in a somewhat better position than most distributions here as our
 user's are expected to be able to configure /etc/fstab and friends
 correctly and move with the wishes of upstream developers on a much
 quicker timescale than most regular distros.

 I'm giving udev-148 a try now so will know if it parses ignore_device at
 all shortly!

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