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#2527: Udev rule audit
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 As of Udev-149, several rules in 55-lfs.rules are either no longer
 supported, or no longer needed.  The list I know of (from #2525):

  * create_floppy_devices is now correct upstream; the override we have is
 no longer required
  * /dev/hd* rules are now gone.  Looks like this is benign for our config
 -- users that need it might complain, but we don't need to change anything
  * OPTIONS+="ignore_device" is no longer supported, so we should kill the
 NAME=="card*" and NAME=="dm-*" rules.  Not sure what effect this removal
 has on DRM, but it's good for device-mapper, as long as you use a new-
 enough version, and build its udev integration.

 Also, we need to re-audit our rules and ensure we aren't duplicating
 upstream stuff again.  (I suspect the ALSA rules may not be needed, since
 I've heard several comments on linux-hotplug about never using NAME="xxx",
 ever.  Either the kernel is now providing the correct name, or the
 comments I heard are wrong.  :-) )

 (Marking as minor-severity/low-priority since the current book is reported
 to boot, at least.)

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