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#2533: Inetutils-1.7
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Comment(by matthew@…):

 A couple of notes on this one.  Firstly, the server man page patch is no
 longer required; the migration to help2man for their man page generation
 resulted in the proper Makefile fragments to suppress installation of man
 pages for any binary not built.

 Secondly, the logger program now looks pretty much the same as the one
 from util-linux-ng.  Comparing the man pages, util-linux-ng supports:

 -u sock  Write to socket as specified with socket instead of builtin sys-
 log routines
 -d datagram  Use a datagram instead of a stream connection to this socket

 On the Inetutils side, it supports:

 -h  --host=HOST
        log to host instead of the default /dev/log

 The easiest thing to do here is to keep the status quo, although I will
 note that, rather embarassingly, our explanation of '--disable-logger'
 needs adjusting from:

 Do not install it because Util-linux installs a better version later.


 Do not install it because Util-linux installed a version of logger earlier

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