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#2679: PATH lameness in building LFS
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 I was following the bouncing ball in building an LFS system
 from a LFS-CD host system.
 In binutils2.20 when I went to run configure as user lfs,
 It bailed with a message about
 C compiler can't create executable
 which was related to can't find 'ld'

 There was no problem when running as root.
 from the shell I could type ld, and ld was found.

 Problem turns out to be two-fold:
  the PATH variable had in it /usr/gnu/bin,
 which is a non-existent folder.
 While bash has no problem, gcc, and/or make seem to
 have a cow with that non-existent folder and use that as a lame
 excuse to bail with an error rather than continuing the
 search for ld through the path

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