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#2685: Does udev populate /dev correctly?
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 From Andy Benton on lfs-dev:

 I haven't updated my bootscripts lately but today I decided to rectify
 that, I downloaded lfs-bootscripts-20100529 and installed them on a new
 system. They worked fine apart from the mountfs script which returned a

 When I logged in and ran mount -a it complained that /dev/pts and
 /dev/shm did not exist. It used to be that the udev bootscript copied
 /lib/udev/devices/{pts,shm} to /dev but looking at it now, the only thing
 it copies is /lib/udev/devices/null

 On the udev page in chapter 6 it still says to install
 /lib/{firmware,udev/devices/{pts,shm}}.  If the udev bootscript doesn't
 copy /lib/udev/devices/{pts,shm} to /dev, how are /dev/{pts,shm} going to
 be created?

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