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#2691: Zlib 1.2.5 issues
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Comment(by gespinasse):

 there is no problem to fix the static lib compilation once you know what
 you want is made at perl stage. But if you add -fPIC before fixing perl
 issue, you would not know the problem unless you use ldd against Zlib.so.

 To my knowledge, there is only 2 packages that use libz.a. That's binutils
 and module-init-tools durings tests. For module-init-tools test, with one
 sed it is possible to change m-i-t to test the dynamic version that we use
 at the place of the static version that we try not to use..

 This is what I made at module-init-tools stage not to use the static
         # that version use originally both --enable-zlib and --disable-
         # prefer to use our shared libz.so for testing
         cd $(DIR_APP) && sed -i 's|--enable-zlib |--enable-zlib-dynamic |'

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