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#2691: Zlib 1.2.5 issues
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Comment(by gespinasse):

 That's for the reason that I removed first zlib.a.

 For module-init-tools, that's simple to change the test that try to link
 the static lib to the test that try with the shared lib. That's better as
 this is the configuration we use.

 For binutils, that's will make some tests to fail, so I reverted the
 removal as as that time I had other issues to solve and I wanted to remove
 that cause of failure.

 The right solution should be a patch that skip those tests if libz.a can't
 be found.

 Concerning perl, the question for me is more why perl doesn't link to the
 shared lib with

 -L/usr/lib -lz
 It work for me with "LIB = /lib" in the sed but I am not exactly in the
 same condition as those with the failure (as gcc-4.4.4, perl-5.10.1 and

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