[LFS Trac] #2697: manuals in /usr/man and /usr/share/man (same with doc and info)

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Tue Jun 22 08:31:08 PDT 2010

#2697: manuals in /usr/man and /usr/share/man (same with doc and info)
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 most packages allow --docdir, --mandir and --infodir as options for

 i don't like to have just ONE directory for ONE purpose, thus i'm going
 thru my scripts to clean up this little mess.

 i started with /usr/doc, /usr/man and /usr/info, but would like to know
 whether i'm right or should i use /usr/share/doc...?

 next questions are:

 am i doing this work just for my personal taste, or are you interested in
 putting me the results back to the book?

 if yes, what's the best approach for me to get them to the book?


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