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#2659: Gawk-3.1.8
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 New version.  No release announcement that I can see so far.  NEWS has

 Changes from 3.1.7 to 3.1.8
 1. The zero flag no longer applies to %c and %s; apparently the standards
    changed at some point.

 2. Updated to latest infrastructure: Autoconf 2.65, Automake 1.11.1,
    libtool 2.2.6b, Bison 2.4.2.

 3. Failure to open a socket is no longer a fatal error.

 4. dfa.h and dfa.c are now more-or-less in sync with GNU grep, for the
    time in many years.

 5. Gawk no longer includes its own copy of libsigsegv but it will use it
    installed on the build system. The --disable-libsigsegv configure
    is now gone.

 6. The ' flag (%'d) is now just ignored on systems that can't support it.

 7. Lots of bug fixes, see the ChangeLog.

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