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#2662: gcc 4.5.0 -Os does not generate correct code
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Comment(by ken@…):

 The only things I've built with 4.5 are kernels, but looking at my full
 logs from the last system build (LFS-6.6) the following used -Os :
 grub-1.97.2, cups, firefox (I think the latter because BLFS has --enable-

 If I was a betting man, I'd put (a little) money on it only being x86_64
 *and* only likely to show up in the kernel.  I know firefox would be easy
 to change if it too shows the problem (--enable-optimize=-O2).  For
 cups-1.4.3 I'm less sure, but I think it can be overridden --with-

 If you can confirm that the grub built by 4.5 on x86_64 is good, I suggest
 putting a warning for x86_64 on the kernel.  If it does bite people on
 cups or firefox, we can put notes in the BLFS wiki until BLFS moves beyond

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