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#2643: Coreutils-8.5
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Comment(by willimm):

 Replying to [comment:6 willimm]:
 > One minor thing: Since the Fedora uname patch is listed as
 coreutils-8.5-uname-2.patch, and the old major hack patch is listed as
 coreutils-8.5-uname-1.patch, the book uses the major hack version instead
 of the proper Fedora version. So, either:
 >  1. The Fedora uname patch should be renamed as
 coreutils-8.5-uname-1.patch, or
 >  2. The book should be updated to use the Fedora version of the Uname
 patch instead of the old version.
 > Minor regression, but still worth pointing out.
 Oops, forgot that you changed it in the general.ent. My bad.

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