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#2660: Gettext-0.18
 Reporter:  matthew@…                     |       Owner:  matthew@…                   
     Type:  enhancement                   |      Status:  assigned                    
 Priority:  normal                        |   Milestone:  6.7                         
Component:  Book                          |     Version:  SVN                         
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Comment(by bdubbs@…):

 I just checked this out against lfs-svn (gcc-4.5.0).  I got:

 1 of 324 tests failed
 (18 tests were not run)

 Note: no patch needed

 We don't need to change any instructions.  Just add a note saying one test
 is marked FAIL because we don't have libglade installed.  We may want to
 add the explanation that Bryan gave on -dev (maybe not).  The bigger issue
 (and it's not that big) is to add gettext to BLFS showing the prereqs.

 Note that other optional prereqs include c-sharp, python, clsip, elisp,
 java, rep, guile, gst (smalltalk), pascal, perl Locale::Messages, libintl-
 perl, objective-c, and php.  We don't have any of those either.

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