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#2673: Specify kernel tarball on Linux Headers page
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Comment(by chris@…):

 Generally, I would be the last person to suggest any additional user
 handholding, but I think it may be warranted here. Yes, the page does
 mention that it's for installing headers from the kernel tarball, but
 arguably that could also mean that the headers from the kernel tarball
 have been copied into some other package (which I believe is pretty much
 what used to be done when "linux-libc-headers" was used, and then later
 the "linux-headers" package that CLFS had for a while) - a number of users
 do look for some package with "api headers" in the name, then come and ask
 what's going on when they can't find it.

 No, I don't think it's the same as specifying that the Glibc tarball must
 be used for installing Glibc, or anything else...the potential for
 confusion stems mainly from the fact that the page title doesn't match the
 tarball name.

 Anyway, just stating my opinion...I won't try to push this any further, so
 just feel free to ignore me if you happen to disagree...

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