[LFS Trac] #2883: Glibc-2.14

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Thu Aug 11 03:16:49 PDT 2011

Matthew Burgess schrieb:
> Ouch!  There's a workaround that worked for me which is to copy
> rpcsvc/{nis,nis_tags,nislib}.h from the glibc-2.14 source tarball into /usr/include/rpcsvc.
> Well, by 'worked for me', it finished the 'make' invocation.  I've not bothered installing
> or trying to use libtirpc though.  It'd be interesting if you could find out whether glibc
> or libtirpc should be providing those headers!

the following worked for me

after unpacking i use the following:

mkdir -p /usr/include/rpc{,svc}
cp sunrpc/rpc/*.h /usr/include/rpc
cp sunrpc/rpcsvr/*.h /usr/include/rpcsvc
cp nis/rpcsvc/*.h /usr/include/rpcsvc

install seems to overwrite some of those files, thus i do the copy just
after unpacking.

now i am able to build libtirpc after zlib (i'm not shure whether zlib
is used by libtirpc, but this works for me) and linuxpam compiles fine.

now the big BUT:

i can't build xinetd, fuse and lsof.

building the system with glibc 2.13 without libtirpc all build without

i'll now start to build Xorg and XFCE to check for other incompatibilities.

as soon as i have the results i'll post them.

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