[LFS Trac] #2883: Glibc-2.14

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Fri Aug 12 12:33:21 PDT 2011

>> i'll now start to build Xorg and XFCE to check for other incompatibilities.
>> as soon as i have the results i'll post them.
> I think this should really be in blfs-dev.

yes, lfs builds fine.

i now gave up my investigations how to get my usual stuff up and running
with glibc 2.14.

i used to build lfs with quite some stuff from blfs, then building the
kernel, setting an initial password for root and then booting into the
new system to continue with x11.

i used to have pam but it's a no go. if i try to set the password
withing the chroot environment i get 'module not found' from the passwd
tool. i can't see any error building the system, but it now refuses to
set the password.

by the book everything's fine. but adding pam breaks my system.

i double-checked: the new glibc with libtirpc fails, the old glibc with
the buil-in rpc stuff runs fine. all the other packages are the same.
the next step will be to compare all the build-logs.. but for the next
weeks i don't have the time for this job...

i guess i'll have to wait until glibc and libtirpc interact without the
copying stuff i mentionned. i probably will even wait until i get a
solution for xinetd and fuse (lsof would be nice, but i can live without
- xinetd and fuse i need for my productive systems).

i agree to close this thread and open a new one in blfs.

but please consider to add a paragraph in lfs mentionning there are
quite some packages around (i'm shure there will be more than xinetd,
fuse and lsof) not running with libtirpc but requiring the rpc stuff the
old way...


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