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#2833: coreutils-8.10 sparse-to-pipe failure
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 sparse-to-pipe test may fail when
 cat pipe > copy &
 did not finish before
 cmp sparse copy
 This happen randomly to me with debian 2.6.26 kernel (x86 32 bits) but I
 haven't had a failure on 3 other machines with different kernels (even
 2.6.27 or 2.6.18)

 I don't know what is the key to reproduce the test failure.
 I have two machines with mostly same CPU :

 one with XP 3000+ and kernel 2.6.27 that never fail,
 one with XP 2800+ and kernel debian 2.6.26 that fail 80% of attempts.

 Tested with
 for i in {1..20}; do make -s check -C tests TESTS=cp/sparse-to-pipe
 2>/dev/null;done | grep '1 test'

 Upstream fix is to wait before cmp. A sed would be good enought to fix
 sed -i 's/^cmp sparse copy/wait; cmp sparse copy/' tests/cp/sparse-to-pipe

 I let the milestone to 6.8 as the fix will be needed only for
 coreutils-8.10. I don't know why this happen on only one machine.

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