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#3162: Glibc 2.16.0 Suggestions
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Comment(by ken@…):

 For the libexecdir, the directory is getconf/ with three executables. I
 don't actually care what we call it - BLFS has started to allow

 I too get the ignored Error 1 for run-conformtest.out,  guess we ought to
 mention it.

 (no comment on ext4, my /mnt/lfs is mounted with the defaults)

 However, I'm suspicious about iconvdata/gconv-modules : when I built and
 installed 2.16.0, I copied that.  After the install and a full localedata
 /install-locales I have a /usr/lib/gconv directory containing a lot of
 things.  I tried without the copy for an install_root (DESTDIR) install :
 certainly that file is in the glibc-build tree, but I *don't* have the
 gconv directory in the install_root.

 The only difference between two versions of iconvdata/gconv-modules is
 that the one created in the build tree is mode 644 instead of 664.

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