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#3019: Shadow-4.1.5
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Comment(by bdubbs@…):

 There seems to be two errors here.  nscd will return an unconditional
 error if there is no /etc/nscd.conf file right at the beginning.  If
 /etc/nscd.conf does exist, but the table does not, then nscd returns an
 error of EINVAL.

 The new shadow routine does not differentiate between these errors.

 Actually, I think the shadow routine should test if nscd is running and,
 if not, just return from the routine.

 I tried running nscd and it failed because /var/run/nscd/ did not exist,
 but it runs after creating that directory.

 The only thing that shadow really needs to do test /var/run/nscd/nscd.pid
 for existence at the beginning of the nscd_flush_cache function.

 if ( access( "/var/run/nscd/nscd.pid", F_OK ) ) return 1;

 Otherwise, it can do what it is doing.

 Of course, we could just use --without-nscd, but that is less flexible.
 On the other hand, we build shadow now without auditing support, pam, acl,
 attr, or skey.

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