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#3020: Man-DB-2.5.1
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 New version.  From NEWS:

 man-db 2.6.1 (14 February 2012)

 Major changes since man-db


         o --with-db=db* and --with-db=ndbm compile again.

         o Translated manual pages are no longer displayed starting with a
           spurious blank line.

         o straycats tries to ensure that col is invoked with LC_CTYPE set
           a UTF-8 locale.

         o Fix double-free in mandb when encountering a symlink outside the
           manual hierarchy, thanks to Peter Schiffer.


         o mandb creates a cache directory tag, per
           http://www.brynosaurus.com/cachedir/ ("Cache Directory Tagging

         o Add support for Lzip-compressed manual pages, thanks to Matias

         o Running 'man -w' (with a new --path alias) without a name now
           prints the manpath, for compatibility with other man
           implementations.  The vim viewdoc plugin makes use of this.

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