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#3095: Switch to procps-ng (3.3.3)
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 procps-ng is a fork that could be found on http://gitorious.org/procps
 used by Debian, Fedora, openSUSE.

 the announce of v3.3.3 release is at

 What is better is a standard configure, compilation with less warnings, a
 test suite, some bugs fixed.

 But the package is not distributed bootstrapped actually. The git tree
 with v3.3.3 tag could be downloaded from gitorious or you may wait to pick
 a bootstrapped copy of the package from a distrib that use it (Debian,
 Fedora, openSUSE)[[BR]]

 Due to the non-boostrapped package, that's an issue for LFS build order as
 build before autoconf/automake. I was using debian package and patches
 with 3.3.2.

 Test suite had many issues in 3.3.2 on my configuration. v3.3.3 now work
 for me with a 32-bits kernel and userspace but fail on a 64-bits kernel
 and a 32-bits userspace in one test where free -b give bad values for

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