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#3096: iproute2-3.4.0
 Reporter:  ken@…                     |       Owner:  matthew@…                   
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Obviously, that sed replaces the need to rm the manpage.

 The current book is wrong about how to run the tests!  After cd testsuite
 the necessary commands would be 'make configure;' 'make compile' (that
 actually drops one of the tests for me, because xtables is not present),
 optionally 'make listtests' to show which tests will be run, and only then
 'make alltests'.

 Unfortunately, both 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 are equally b0rken.  This is from 3.3,
 3.4 is the same -

 ken at jtm1 /scratch/ken/iproute2-3.3.0/testsuite $make alltests
 Running dsmark.t [iproute2-this/3.4.0]: /bin/sh: line 3:
 results/dsmark.t.iproute2-this.out: No such file or directory
 /bin/sh: line 12: results/dsmark.t.iproute2-this.dmesg: No such file or
 make: *** [dsmark.t] Error 1
 ken at jtm1 /scratch/ken/iproute2-3.3.0/testsuite $

 'line 3' is 'source lib/generic.sh' but I'm too stupid to understand how
 the testsuites are supposed to work, or what causes that error report.

 I see you've taken this, Matt.  Enjoy! ;)

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