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#3098: udev/systemd 183 is out
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Comment(by bdubbs@…):

 I was able to build with:

     ./configure --prefix=''         \
                 --disable-acl       \
                 --disable-tcpwrap   \
                 --disable-hostnamed \
                 --disable-timedated \
                 --disable-localed   \
                 --disable-coredump  \
                 --disable-gudev     \
                 --disable-keymap    \
                 --disable-audit     \
                 --disable-ima       \
                 --disable-introspection \
                 --disable-gtk-doc-html  \
                 --enable-split-usr      &&
     make                                &&
     make DESTDIR=/tmp/systemd install

 I could not use --disable-logind because one program failed to link.  We
 probably need to add --with-usb-ids-path=no  and --with-pci-ids-path=no.

 I was able to find most of the programs so we would need to do a manual
 install of only what we need.

 Build time on my system was 99 seconds vs 14 for udev.  :(


 systemd-udevd needs to be renamed and the man files edited.  Notice that
 they put two .pc files in different directories.

 The only programs we need are udevd and udevadm.  We also need libraries,
 rules, .pc files, etc.  I'll chcke my looks to see what udev-182

 I have not tried in a Chapter 6 chroot environment, but it's looking like
 it's doable, even if it is a PITA.

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