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#3098: udev/systemd 183 is out
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Comment(by ken@…):

 I've now altered my configure options to try to get it to behave, but with
 only partial success.
 This is on a completed LFS-7.1 desktop.

 First, a sed to change the name of the daemon from systemd-udevd back to
 udevd.  Worked, but a more general sed broke the creation of the udevd
 sed -i 's/systemd-\(udevd\$\)/\1/' Makefile.in
 with hindsight, this barely scratches the surface of hte problems.  See
 suggestion a little later.

 Second, change some of the directory switches

 --prefix=/usr libexecdir=/lib --bindir=/sbin --sysconfdir=/etc
 This puts most things in the right places. The /sbin is for udevadm which
 otherwise goes to /bin or /usr/bin. Udevd is linked ok.

 Unfortunately, udevd and all the helper routines (accelerometer, ata_id,
 cdrom_id, collect, mtd_probe, scsi_id, v4l_id) are *still* in /usr/lib.

 There are a load of manpages, Only init.1 will overwrite a desired page.

 The required pages need some seds:
 systemd-udevd.8 needs to be renamed and have all its systemd-udevd,
 SYSTEMD\-UDEVD, systemd\-udevd changed. udev.7 needs to change systemd-
 udevd in 'See Also'.

 Beyond this, there are directories and files scattered around in the
 places where a gnome desktop would expect them.

 For once, I suggest that we should consider doing a DESTDIR install to
 /tmp, then manually
 install the few things that we actually want by renaming, moving, and also
 sedding the manpages, then follow with ldconfig.

 Note that I haven't tried to build this in chroot, there might be other
 issues with dependencies.

 I'm also not suggesting that we use /libexecdir because that would need a
 gratuitous bootscript change, quite apart from any other concerns it will

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