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#3098: udev/systemd 183 is out
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Comment(by bryan@…):

 > It's possible that we may need to do a DESTDIR install, but we might
 just want to do a ./configure && make and then add our own
 mkdir/cp/install of appropriate files from there.

 Note that slackware (...I think anyway...) is doing the DESTDIR approach,
 although I think either should work.  (Assuming udev doesn't do too much
 libtool; if it does, we may have to do some "./libtool --mode=install
 install -m<whatever> <binary wrapper script or .la file> <path>" (IIRC)
 magic to get the real files, instead of the libtool wrapper script or .la
 file.  This might be problematic for libudev.)


 (Pulled from linux-hotplug.)

 > The following flags do the right thing (libexecdir is for

 Isn't that really similar to the flags we're using today?  Maybe we should
 just pull all of those in and call it a day.  :-)

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