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#3200: New programs installed with GCC
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 The GCC package now installs 3 new programs, gcc-ar, gcc-nm, and gcc-
 ranlib. None of them have manpages, running --help on gcc-ranlib produces
 output identical to that of ranlib, and gcc-ar and gcc-nm don't say
 anything when run except to complain about not having plugin support.
 About all I could find is this mailing list message -
 http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-help/2012-03/msg00100.html - saying they're some
 kind of wrappers for Binutils plugins, and apparently for them to be
 useful you'd need to add --with-plugins to Binutils configure.

 I don't know anything about ar, nm or ranlib myself, and I certainly have
 no clue what extra "plugins" might be for, but it should at least be
 documented somewhere, whether by adding these programs to GCC's installed
 list, enabling plugins on Binutils, or just removing them if they aren't

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