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#3200: New programs installed with GCC
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Comment(by bdubbs@…):

 It looks like binutils does need to be built with --enable-plugins in
 Chapter 6.  When I did that, gcc-ar --help gave me the same output as ar
 --help.  It's possible that binutils have overcome the need to the
 gcc-{ar,nm,ranlib} wrappers.

 Looking at the source for gcc-ar, it just executes ar with the argument '
 --plugin plugin-name'.

 There is an option --enable-lto (link time optimization) in both binutils
 and gcc that we may want to add.

 In gcc, with the --enable-lto option, there are two files installed:

 I did find http://crpppc19.epfl.ch/cgi-bin/man/man2html?gcc-ar-4.7+1

 For reference, ar creates an archive (.a) file.  nm extracts symbols from
 object files (executables, .o files, .so.1 files, etc).  ranlib creates an
 index in a .a file for linking efficiency.

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