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#3203: Updates to installed programs lists
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Comment(by bryan@…):

 Last time I looked at it, admittedly about ten years ago, flex++ generated
 lexer code that was usable from a C++ program.  flex generated C code
 only, which might or might not work when compiled as C++, depending on the
 compiler and the code that got generated.

 Looking for more current info, I see on wikipedia the claim that flex++
 will generate a couple of classes that can be used from the program.
 Classes being a C++ thing only, obviously plain flex doesn't do that.

 From [http://linux.die.net/man/1/flex++], I see that the -+ or --c++ flags
 appear to do the same thing, so flex inspecting argv[0] and automatically
 treating one of those flags as set when it's called as flex++, seems
 likely to me.

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