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#3215: Coreutils-8.20
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Comment(by gespinasse):

 The kernel has changed since 2003 to better support symlinked mtab. Fedora
 has switched to mtab symlink and the few issue with symlink should have
 been solved before (probably in 2.6.37).

 I already hit a few issue with regular mtab when testing util-linux-2.22.
 I was using a running kernel <2.6.37 and that was clearly something not
 tested with 2.22 and fixed in 2.22.1 following my reports.

 I look at the suggested way to fix the issue and that would be hard for me
 to code that.  I had an other idea to fix the test issue using a different
 way than to modify coreutils/gnulib mountlist behavior.

 mount --bind now produce a different mtab with symlink or regular mtab.
 In case of symlink, fstype is the fs of the directory mounted. In case of
 regular mtab, fstype is always none. So maybe mount code could be modified
 to produce the same fstype info. I don't know yet if that would be easier
 to code/accepted upstream.

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