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Tue Oct 30 11:32:44 PDT 2012

#3095: Switch to procps-ng (3.3.3) - placeholder - not ready yet
 Reporter:  gespinasse   |       Owner:  lfs-book@…                   
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                          
 Priority:  low          |   Milestone:  Future                       
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Comment(by gespinasse):

 3.3.4 has been released.


 Test suite has been fixed, should now work on LFS build
  (I didn't try yet the released package).

 ABI has changed without bumping .so name. So 3.3.5 should follow soon to
 fix that.

 As with 3.3.3, the package made on gitorious is not bootstrapped, so the
 alternative is to use a bootstrapped package used by one distro like
 debian (with the .orig).


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