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#3390: kbd-2.0.0
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 New package version, but no changes in ChangeLog, NEWS, etc.

 The old patch applies without any error.  Built fairly cleanly (some
 warnings) with:

 cd kbd-2.0.0
 patch -Np1 -i ../kbd-1.15.5-backspace-1.patch
 ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-vlock \
             --enable-optional-progs --enable-libkeymap
 make DESTDIR=/tmp/kbd install

 The seds we use now are not needed.  vlock still needs PAM.
 --disable-static seems to be ignored.

 I'm not sure what the optional progs are or whether we need libkeymap.

 It would be nice if someone with a non-US keyboard could check this out,
 but I think the package can wait until after 7.4 is released.

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