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#3390: kbd-2.0.0
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Built it (2.0.0wip tarball) in completed system a couple of weeks ago, and
 over the weekend with a bison-3.0 system. Didn't seem to install any libs,
 I think a lot of functionality has been moved to an internal lib - but I
 might be wrong. Worked fine with Matt's uk setup where he had reported a
 problem with 1.15.5.

 Agree it's not for 7.4 (although I'll probably use it since I've made the
 changes in my own scripts).

 I've got the following changes in my build:

 1. remove the sed for lex.
 2. the resizecons sed to remove the manpage now applies to
 3. configure now requires check, which is in /tools, so pass
 PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/tools/lib/pkgconfig \
 4. make check is now present, all tests pass.
 5. the docs we copy are now at docs/doc/*

 Note that check is only used for the testsuite, none of the installed
 programs referenced andy libs in /tools. Also, for me it seemed to install
 the same programs as before - I didn't look for any new options to enable

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