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#3439: procps-ng-3.3.9
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 Announcement (2 hours ago):
 Procps version 3.3.9 was released today. Either find it on our git
 repository or at sourceforge at

 The following changes were made to procps:
   * kernel namespaces support added to skill, pgrep, ps and top
   * pidof was reimplemented from scratch (replacing sysvinit pidof)
   * ps has configurable libselinux support (--enable-libselinux)
   * ps provides for display of systemd slice unit (--with-systemd)
   * free can once again report non-zero 'shared' memory
   * sysctl provides '--system' to ignore missing /etc/sysctl.conf
   * watch interval capacity was increased - debian #720445
   * pwdx no longer fails in a nonexistent locale - debian #718766
   * top clarified summary area Mem/Swap stats - debian #718670
   * top batch mode -w (width) abend fixed - debian #721204
   * top man page removed 'Bd/Ed' mdoc macros - debian #725713
   * top no longer clears screen at exit - redhat #977561
   * top adapted to potential libnuma stderr message - redhat #998678
   * top added missing batch mode newline - redhat #1008674

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