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#3582: cloog and isl libs required to run gcc4.8.2
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Comment (by miland):

 1. I don't have clog and isl on the build system. The way we bootstrap our
 system is by creating RPMs in each step. So, when I tried to build gcc
 RPM, it successfully completed the build phase, as outlined in your guide,
 but declined to make RPM as there were unresolved dependencies on
 libisl.so and libcloog libraries. When I modified the build by adding
 these two to the gcc build, this problem went away.

 2. gcc 4.8.2 has built-in "knowledge" that if you place mpfr, mpc, gmp,
 cloog and isl in the special way WITHIN gcc source tree, it then knows how
 to build them alongside the compiler. This is documented in GCC build
 instructions. That's why you don't need the last two lines I mentioned.

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