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#3589: grep-2.19
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 * Noteworthy changes in release 2.19 (2014-05-22) [stable]

 ** Improvements

   Performance has improved, typically by 10% and in some cases by a
   factor of 200.  However, performance of grep -P in UTF-8 locales has
   gotten worse as part of the fix for the crashes mentioned below.

 ** Bug fixes

   grep no longer mishandles patterns like [a-[.z.]], and no longer
   mishandles patterns like [!^a] in locales that have multicharacter
   collating sequences so that [!^a] can match a string of two characters.

   grep no longer mishandles an empty pattern at the end of a pattern list.
   [bug introduced in grep-2.5]

   grep -C NUM now outputs separators consistently even when NUM is zero,
   and similarly for grep -A NUM and grep -B NUM.
   [bug present since "the beginning"]

   grep -f no longer mishandles patterns containing NUL bytes.
   [bug introduced in grep-2.11]

   Plain grep, grep -E, and grep -F now treat encoding errors in patterns
   the same way the GNU regular expression matcher treats them, with
   to whether the errors can match parts of multibyte characters in data.
   [bug present since "the beginning"]

   grep -w no longer mishandles a potential match adjacent to a letter that
   takes up two or more bytes in a multibyte encoding.
   Similarly, the patterns '\<', '\>', '\b', and '\B' no longer
   mishandle word-boundary matches in multibyte locales.
   [bug present since "the beginning"]

   grep -P now reports an error and exits when given invalid UTF-8 data.
   Previously it was unreliable, and sometimes crashed or looped.
   [bug introduced in grep-2.16]

   grep -P now works with -w and -x and backreferences. Before,
   echo aa|grep -Pw '(.)\1' would fail to match, yet
   echo aa|grep -Pw '(.)\2' would match.

   grep -Pw now works like grep -w in that the matched string has to be
   preceded and followed by non-word components or the beginning and end
   of the line (as opposed to word boundaries before).  Before, this
   echo a@@a| grep -Pw @@ would match, yet this
   echo a@@a| grep -w @@ would not.  Now, they both fail to match,
   per the documentation on how grep's -w works.

   grep -i no longer mishandles patterns containing titlecase characters.
   For example, in a locale containing the titlecase character
   'grep -i Lj' now matches both 'LJ' (U+01C7 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER LJ)
   and 'lj' (U+01C9 LATIN SMALL LETTER LJ).

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