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#3595: 6.9.2. Configuring Glibc
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Comment (by chris@…):

 No...the sed command in the book is the one that's supposed to be run
 during the Glibc build. The sed command I gave is just to fix the problem
 after Glibc is already installed, usually due to having missed the command
 in the book.

 Also, that screenshot you gave doesn't indicate anything since you
 apparently weren't even in the Glibc source dir when you ran that, so it
 would have had an error if you did use it then. Also, I don't know why it
 shows you running that immediately after creating /etc/group, since there
 should be the installation of the Linux headers and Man-pages in between.
 Either that isn't an actual screenshot of your complete build procedure
 for Chapter 6 so far, or you're doing something strange to deviate from
 the book's instructions, in which case you'll need to clarify what that

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