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#3734: util-linux v2.26-rc1
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 We will wait for stable.  Just a heads up.

 Util-linux 2.26 Release Notes

  This version provides completely new sfdisk(8) command, the new version
  based on libfdisk. If your use-cases depend on sfdisk(8) then it is
  recommended to be careful and re-test your scripts. The new version
  MBR and GPT disk labels (SGI and SUN are also supported but no well
  The new version does no more support some obscure MBR specific command
  options and legacy CHS addressing.

  The library libblkid (and blkid(8) on command line) now uses the same UDF
  fields like Windows and another operations systems to get human readable
  UDF volume identifiers (LABEL= tag). This change maybe backwardly
  for some UDF volumes.

  The command hwclock(8) uses the drift correction for all relevant
  and it is unnecessary to specify --adjuts on hwclock command line now.

  The command hwclock(8) does not automatically (re)calculate drift factor
  --systohc to avoid several problem (ntpd with an '11 minute mode', etc.),
  new command line option --update-drift has to be explicitly used to force
  hwclock(8) to update /etc/adjtime.

  For more details see hwclock(8) man page.


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