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#3865: Clean up Eudev configure options
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 I believe these options are not needed for Eudev:

 I know the first 2 are definitely not needed, as the strings "gudev" and
 "gtk-doc" no longer even exist anywhere in Eudev's source tree.

 The split-usr option is automatically enabled if rootprefix!=prefix.
   if test "x${ac_default_prefix}" != "x${with_rootprefix}" && test
 "x${with_rootprefix}" != "x\${prefix}"; then :

 The hwdb seems to be enabled by default.
 # Check whether --enable-hwdb was given.
 if test "${enable_hwdb+set}" = set; then :

 Finally, I would need to double-check, but a quick read of the configure
 script seems to indicate that introspection support is checked for and
 automatically disabled if it's not found, without the whole build failing.

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