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#4064: Messy display from checkfs
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 I had reason to force an fsck, so I created /forcefsck and rebooted. That
 worked fine, but there were two slightly messy things in the output:

 1. '[ *] efsck found...' instead of '/forecefsck'.

 I have a trivial change prepared to fix this.

 2. While fsck'ing a filesystem with whatever is used to force verbosity
 there is a bar at the right of the output, followed by a percentage. On
 all except the rootfs the bar and percentage get deleted.  But on the
 rootfs they remain (in that case I think it is a countdown, it left a tiny
 percentage - the others seemed to count up).

 For this I have no idea where to look, and I personally don't find it
 annoying like the first item.

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