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#4066: pkg-config-0.29.2
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 pkg-config 0.29.2

 - Improved pkg-config's recursive package list expansion performance.
   Thanks to Matthew Hanna for the fix.
 - Handle an empty prefix setting correctly when --define-prefix is used.
 - Lazily load pc files instead of reading all available pc files during
   initialization. Thanks to Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita for the fix.
 - Check the CPATH environment variable when determining system include
   paths like GCC does. Document the system search path behavior. Thanks
   to v4hn for the fix. (#99224)
 - Make PKG_CHECK_MODULES show the module list rather than the variable
   prefix in configure output. Thanks to Russ Albery for the fix.
 - Fix bundled glib build with GCC 6. (#98334)
 - Handle -isystem and -idirafter when PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR is set.
 - Check the INCLUDE environment variable when determining system include
   paths on Windows builds when --msvc-syntax is used. (#94729)

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