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> A few points below...
> Actually I always found their image stability and contrast somewhat
> lacking. My Voodoo3 was a cracing card from that point of 
> view. Radeons
> have better contrast and similar stability (most of them, anyway - I
> cant speak for all the el-cheapo OEMs, though)...

I have not had any problems with them.  However I have not tried any
ATI cards so I cannot do a fair comparison.

> >  I had a 16MB nVidia TNT and yesterday just bought a 64MB
> > nVidia Geforce 3 Ti 500.  To give you some performance stats, my tnt
> > card with the standard open X nv driver got about 135 fps with
> > glxgears running in its default mode.
> Thats because its software rendered...
> > The TNT with the nVidia binary
> > only driver got about 325 fps with glxgears.  My new 
> > Geforece 3 Ti 500
> > gets 3,500+ fps with glxgears, a HUGE improvement!
> Yeah, compared with software rendering!! (still, not bad).

The TNT 1 did not use software rendering.  I used the binary nVidia
driver.  I at first tried to use only the X driver, however tuxracer
just would work : (

> > we will still have to except closed
> > source drivers for things just like in winblows.
> Why? If we vote with our wallets, then things will change. 
> its the only
> language hardware manufacturers understand.
> And if we let them start with the binary crap now, think how 
> it will be
> when linux gets popular.

I hope is doesn't turn out that way.  However, most people are
not like us and care about Open Source the way we do.  They just
want to turn on a computer and have it work.  If linux keeps
picking up and gets more main stream, I don't see the average
Joe Blow who only wants email and web access caring if he can
download source to a driver and compile it himself.  I think
the average home user just wants to "double click" on an RPM
and have it all get installed without their intervention.

> > The Weather Channel is paying ATI to develop an
> > Open Source driver for the newer Readeons, however it will lack some
> > features that their closed source drivers will have.
> Thats not accurate. The Weather channel is sponsoring the DRI 
> project to
> write 8500 drivers, not ATI.

Opps, my bad. : )  I meant the WC is sponsoring an ATI driver being

> > So when it comes to some hardware on Linux, it will always be
> > a tradeoff between using some old, slow, clunky fully open
> > hardware or some new, fast closed sourced hardware.
> I hope not.

I hope not either.  But some companies are just sooooo stubborn.  I have
emailed Lexmark dozens of times about getting open source drivers for
their printers.  I mean it is just a printer, what is so top secret

> >  I say go ahead and buy the nVidia card.  Maybe look
> > into the Geforce 3 Ti 500. Mine came with video out for $99 from
> > www.tigerdirect.com.
> Why, when the 8500 gives equivalent performance, at least, and has an
> open driver AND a closed one ?

I can only speek from my experience with the nVidia cards and I like
them but not the closed source drivers.  Maybe for my next card I will
try a Radeon.

Jim Drabb

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