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Tue Oct 1 16:24:19 PDT 2002

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Subject: Re: Space saver: mount --bind mention in the book?
> BTW, I WANT the most commonly used files in the middle of the
> partition. If they were at the start, then the most common head
> movements start at the beginning, and could have to cross the whole
> partition. If they started in the middle, at worst, it would only have
> to go half way. Some ancient floppy disk formats used to keep there
> meta data on the middle track for this reason.
> Richard

I understand that! (knock, knock; Who's there? - Braindead...) :)
By saying that, you make multi-partitioning sound like a bad idea; having /,
/usr, /home and /tmp (and swap, of course) as separate partitions is bad
because it makes the head jump from one to the other all the time.

I just like read-only files to get stored nice and tightly in some place
where they don't get in the way when something is to be written and the
kernel as to decide between first-fit, best-fit, etc... and all that crazy
geek stuff I've NEVER STUDIED :(

Rui Ferreira

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