Network LFS Install

Roy M. Ens royens2 at
Tue Oct 1 19:37:39 PDT 2002

I've got an old spare computer lying around that I've been interested in
turning into an x-terminal pretty much. I've been trying to test some
stuff out with application servers and running old computers as

So my question is, is it possible to do some sort of network install
with LFS. Of course my current system is using it and I'm planning on
using it to test as an application server. The other computer is an old
original Pentium I 133 MHz and it only has like a 700 MB hdd so I would
rather not install another distro on there if i could do a network

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Roy Ens
 royens2 at
 ens at
 Roy.Ens at
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