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Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Oct 2 00:29:17 PDT 2002

* Rui Ferreira <ruifmferreira at> [2002-10-02 07:57]:
> By saying that, you make multi-partitioning sound like a bad idea; having /,
> /usr, /home and /tmp (and swap, of course) as separate partitions is bad
> because it makes the head jump from one to the other all the time.
> I just like read-only files to get stored nice and tightly in some place
> where they don't get in the way when something is to be written and the
> kernel as to decide between first-fit, best-fit, etc... and all that crazy
> geek stuff I've NEVER STUDIED :(
You can still get an efficient layout with many partitions. Starting
from the outside, going in, my logical volumes are:

stable   Read only root partition (full)
var_s    Small var partition for stable
swap1    High priority swap for stable, low priority for test
home     Used by stable and test
swap2    High priority swap for test, low priority for stable
var_t    Small var partition for test
test     Read only root partition (/mnt/lfs)
backup   Read only source code on the slow part of the disk.

/tmp, /var/{tmp,run,lock} are on tmpfs, so they count as swap. I use
home for persistant data. Most of my real file system usage is in
/var/tmp. With any luck, the head spends most of its time over
var_s and swap1, often goes out to /stable and /home, and rarely goes
any further.

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