Upgrade question

Björn Lindberg d95-bli at nada.kth.se
Thu Oct 3 02:01:13 PDT 2002

Tony Karakashian wrote:

> >> Now, either fix your replys so that they thread or I will not respond to
> >> you again on this matter. I think your failure to even find out WHY
> >> your posts dont thread is pretty arrogant.
> The fact that they don't thread is entirely on your end.

No, it's on your end. I have also told you about this problem before,
and the /only/ person's messages that do this are your messages.

> They thread fine
> for me, even though I don't usually use it.  I'm capable of keeping track
> of one or two conversations at a time.

Good for you, but they doesn't thread properly for anyone else here.

> Perhaps it's because you're using
> a newsreader, and I'm using mail?

No it's not. I'm using the newsgroup interface, and all other messages
thread just fine, no matter if they originated from the mailing list or
the newsgroup, it's /only/ your messages that doesn't thread properly. 

Please fix it. Thanks.

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