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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 06:15:12 PDT 2002

>> Because you are a troll?

A troll would imply that I participate in these
forums, yet do not use the product.  It would 
imply that my only reason for being here is to
denegrate Linux.  In fact, that is hardly the
case.  I have been an active user of Linux for 
10 years.  I have used it here, and at customer
sites when I was a consultant.  I use it at my 
home as a primary domain controller, firewall,
mail server and VPN gateway to my office. I have 
given speeches at international conferences 
advocating it's use in business as a valuable 
and cost-effective tool.  I have been used as a case
study by a couple of companies to point out the
successes possible using Linux.  I am currently
working with Linux Journal Magazine on an 
article about LFS and using Linux as a secure
replacement to expensive and proprietary
firewalling software.  Can you say the same?

On the other hand...I consider myself, primarly,
a Windows Administrator.  I prefer Windows for
daily use.  I prefer Windows for my users and my
servers.  I, like most of the Windows Admins I 
know personally, do not experience the instability
and insecurity that is the primary reason for most
people's "jumping ship".  This is because I apply
the same level of best practices to my Windows
installs as you do to your Linux installs...I
secure my filesystems, I don't run services with
accounts that have more privelege then necessary,
and I don't use software with known buggy drivers.
I take offense at the implication that the reason
I don't use Linux as a primary OS is because I'm 
either some kind of mindless automaton, or simply
stupid.  I use it because it is the best fit for
my business for what we use it for.  For the
high-end stuff, we use Unix (HP-UX).  

Unlike most open sourcers I have met,
I don't have just one hammer (actually, I don't,
I have 4 different hammers at home, each with a 
different purpose. :).  I use whatever tool does
the job best.  IMHO, Windows fits the bill better
for a desktop.  As I stated yesterday, I'm in the 
process of testing for next year, and I'm playing
with Mandrake 9.0.  I'm VERY impressed with this 
release, as this is the most usable desktop I've
seen in the last 10 years.  However, it's still 
not a choice for my organization.  At a minimum,
Linux will need to do exactly EVERYTHING that
Windows can do before I can even consider it.  I
do not have the temerity to tell my entire 
organization "YOU HAVE TO USE THIS", especially
if there's a chance that a single user will come 
to me and say, "How do I do...?" and I have to 
answer..."You can't."

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