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Robert Ian Smit robian at wanadoo.nl
Thu Oct 3 07:34:42 PDT 2002

* Tony Karakashian <tonyk at rochestermidland.com> [03-10-2002 15:15]:


All very nice. But you must remember that a lot of people have
emotional or political reasons for using Linux. Besides, talking
about your own experience and knowledge in the way you did, you
could be seen as being part of the establishment. You know what
that means, right? You get shot first.

What you tell me, is true to some extent. But most don't give a
damn.  Everyone using Microsoft, especially everyone who is so vocal
about it, is seen to be part of the big Microsoft empire. 

Now, you hopefully  agree that it is time that Microsoft would tone
down a little and started to allow some competition.

I don't want to start yet another Windows is evil thread. I don't
generally like people being called serfs when they talk about a tool
they use. but I want to see Netscape/Sun/IBM/.... take away
something that Microsoft acquired, most likely through various
illegal actions and because I want nobody to be too rich or too
powerful anyway. 

One other thing, about Linux replacing Windows only if no user
misses anything. Have you ever tried asking a group of people who
have written with green pens for a considerable time to write with
blue pens?


p.s. above half serious / half funny.

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