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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 07:51:46 PDT 2002

>> All very nice. But you must remember that a lot of people have
>> emotional or political reasons for using Linux. 

I'm fully aware of that, but I have a business to run, and don't
have that luxury.  While I get to make the big decisions as to
what we use, I have to go with what's best for our business.

>> Now, you hopefully  agree that it is time that Microsoft would tone
>> down a little and started to allow some competition.

I would agree that there hasn't been any real competition in a very 
long time.  (Desqview/X anyone?)

>> Have you ever tried asking a group of people who
>> have written with green pens for a considerable time to write with
>> blue pens?

You're comparing Apples to Macs. :)  The blue pens do the same things
as the green pens, they just do it slightly differently.  I'll give you
an example:  we use Oracle here, and our entire finance department uses
the Oracle ADI (Application Desktop Integrator).  It allows them to
easily create spreadsheets in Excel that contain information pulled 
direct from the Oracle server.  It's quick, it's easy, and there's 
nothing like it for Linux/StarOffice/OpenOffice/Whatever.  I can't
tell these guys, "well, you can't do your jobs anymore, but you 
should be able to sleep better knowing we didn't pay $100 for your
Windows license."  No, it's not a matter of retraining, there just
isn't anything like it, I've looked (I hate Oracle, believe me, I've

>> p.s. above half serious / half funny.

S'okay, I got it. :)  

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