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> >> I agree with some of your points.  However, I don't
> >> agree with the one above.  I have yet to find something
> >> I can do in Windows that I cannot do in Linux.  
> I have plenty:  Video editing (becoming more popular with
> home users, and corporations.  We're doing our own line of
> training videos), burning CDs (another thing becoming 
> popular with home and business).  But, aside from those
> niche items, the simple ability to go to the store, pick
> up any piece of software or hardware and be able to use it.
> Yes, this speaks more to the maturity and marketshare of the
> OS, but it's still a major issue.  Not everyone's a geek.
> Linux is still primarily a geek OS, you have to work to
> make it work.  A user who can't figure out how to lock
> their machine down under Windows isn't going to have an easy 
> go of Linux.  "What I have to compile everything before I
> can use it?  What if it doesn't compile, then what am I
> supposed to do?"  
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What are you talking about?  There are PLENTY of video editing tools
Linux, there is cinelerra, film gimp, etc.  The big motion picture
use Linux.  The movie shrek was done with LINUX and countless other
Go read the July 2002 article in Linux Journal about ILM (the maker
of starwars, Perfect Storm, etc) and how they are using Linux and not
winblows for the second episode of starwars.

Burning cd's is a piece of cake on Linux.  Even my dad can fire up
gcombust, etc and burn a cd.  You cannot judge Linux based on LFS.  LFS
made for power users that want all the gory details.  I pretty much only
LFS but from time to time install the latest versions of Mandrake and
to see how they are coming.  Mandrake's default install makes it easy
a monkey to do most things.  When you try to install something you are
prompted for a root password and then the install is done.
How hard is that?  While installing some things on Linux may be harder
installing on winblows.  The average home user has big problems
things on winblows.  Most home users install all these stupid shareware
that put spyware on their pc and even after uninstalling the spyware is
I have tons of family members asking me to come and remove junk from
winblows machine.

There is no compilation needed with distro's that the average user
will be using.  They just install using an rpm just like they would
install on winblows using an exe.

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