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Tony Karakashian tonyk at rochestermidland.com
Thu Oct 3 09:13:09 PDT 2002

>> What are you talking about?  There are PLENTY of video editing tools
>> under Linux, there is cinelerra, film gimp, etc.  The big motion picture
>> studios use Linux.  The movie shrek was done with LINUX and countless other
>> movies. 

A) They all suck.  There is nothing that compares to Premiere, nor what you
can do with it.  B) the RENDERING in Shrek was done on a Linsucks (sounds just
as childish, think I'll keep it) farm.  The majority of the creating was done 
on Windows boxen.

>> Burning cd's is a piece of cake on Linux.  

That was a typo.  Should have been burning DVDs.  There is the beginning of
a project to write software, but it's completely useless at the moment, and
there's nothing to author them with as yet.  You can burn data, sometimes,
with the right drive and disk, and the right confluence of sun and moon.  But,
not video.

>> I pretty much only use LFS but from time to time install the latest versions 
>> of Mandrake and Redhat to see how they are coming.  Mandrake's default install 
>> makes it easy for a monkey to do most things.  

And, there's the word...MOST.  Until the monkey can install it 100% without 
intervention by a geek, it's not there.  I agree wholeheartedly that Mandrake 9
is lightyears ahead of anything previous.  

>> When you try to install something you are
>> prompted for a root password and then the install is done.

Yes, I meant to mention that was one of my favorite features.  Another would be 
the almost perfect printer install wizard.  I say almost perfect because it 
detects all the printers on my network, and correctly identifies them.  It just 
won't install them.  

>> I have tons of family members asking me to come and remove junk from
>> their winblows machine.

As do I.  It would be even worse under Linux.

>> There is no compilation needed with distro's that the average user
>> will be using.  They just install using an rpm just like they would
>> install on winblows using an exe.

Not true.  Not all packages have RPMs available, and when they do they're
not always for all distros (don't even get me started on that).  You'll
be getting calls from your family members wondering why this tar.gz file
isn't being installed by RPM.  Or, my personal favorite, "You need X
installed to install this package."  "Uh, I just installed it using RPM!"


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